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We get it. You're on a mission.


Whether you’re working to help children, your community, the environment or the world, we can help you make the most of every dollar. That’s our mission.


We understand that in the non-profit world, every dollar truly does count. Just a few dollars can be the difference between meeting your mission objectives or falling short. Be it ongoing accounting support and counsel, a quick review of your books, or a full-blown audit, we can help your non-profit organization operate legally and efficiently. While non-profit tax laws are different from corporate or individual tax regulations, non-profits also face many of the same tax problems as for-profit entities. We can help you avoid those problems, too, and stay focused on your mission.


Our Non-Profit team provides:

  • Financial Statement Audits and Reviews

  • 990 Preparation

  • Compliance Audits (Single Audits) in Accordance with the Uniform Guidance

  • Tax Services and Consulting

  • Tax Planning for Unrelated Business Taxable Income

  • Assistance with Software Selection

  • Board Training

  • Preparation of Impact Reports about Organizational Goals

  • Internal Control Reviews

  • Outsourced CFO Services

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