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Our firm was founded as Arledge & Associates in 1983 by John Arledge. He retired in 2007 but remained an active part of the office. 


From these humble beginnings born during the great oil bust, the firm has moved twice – both times in search for more space. We have added staff, experienced controlled but significant growth, and never lost sight of the importance of our clients, our service and our people. Family is still at the heart of all that we do. 


Over the years, we have met and worked with and alongside many amazing and talented people. And to all of our clients and team members, thank you for your confidence and trust in us.


Although John passed away in March 2020, his legacy lives on. He is greatly missed by staff and clients alike. John's commitment to service will be carried on through staff's work with the community he was proud to call home. He left us a dynamic firm with solid leadership and a commitment to our clients and our team of continued excellence.

That commitment begins with our standards, RISE. We reach We illuminate We seek. We engage. We serve our clients with these standards, and we live them in our daily lives.







We work to maintain high energy, consistently demonstrate a willingness to help, and give maximum effort in all of our endeavors.


We Reach.

When I call you, I always feel like I am calling in the cavalry.

- Sheridan McCaffree,

Executive Director, Regional University System of Oklahoma

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