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Advisory Services

No one is an island.


Every person and every business benefits from counsel and advice. Our clients have competing demands and insufficient time to navigate and track evolving regulations and reporting obligations. That’s why our Advisory Services team provides a practical and effective approach to helping clients interpret, adopt and implement new and existing accounting standards and reporting regulations. We tailor our services to your unique and individual needs, becoming your back-office support and achieving positive outcomes on everything from finance and tax litigation to real estate and tax structuring.


Our advisory Service team provides:

  • Controller for Hire – Whether your organization is temporarily between controllers or needs a long-term, virtual controller, our experienced CPAs are ready to step in, hit the ground running, and be an integral part of your management team.

  • Policies and Procedures – From working with literally hundreds of organizations across multiple practice areas, we provide insight into how the best run entities operate. We can help you apply those policies and procedures to your organizations.

  • Management and Employee Training – We have developed a series of topics, including technical, leadership, communication, teams and putting people first.

  • Accounting Reconciliations – For organizations needing just a little extra horse power, we assist in account reconciliations so you can make key decisions based on timely and accurate information.

  • Indirect Cost Proposals – For local governments and non-profits, we can prepare your indirect cost proposals and provide assistance throughout the negotiation process to help your organization obtain needed reimbursement. 

  • Wealth Management Services - Offered through Summit Capital Advisors, LLC

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